CFI Insulation: The Whole Package - Essential for Small Businesses




So let's pretend for a moment.  Pretend you're a small business, you've made it through the trenches of the start-up and early growth, and now consistent work has really started to come in, and amazingly enough you're actually beginning to get a little wind in your sails.  You're still busier than heck--but hey, that's actually a good thing because now, for once, the time you put into the business is actually translating into dollars!  It's a dream come true!  

Everything seems perfect in the universe..and then you accidentally log onto your company website that your 15-year-old nephew built 6 years ago as a favor when you were just trying to get started.  And the first thought that comes to your mind is, "I sure hope nobody is coming to this site."  Now, this is an unfortunate mental progression for two reasons:

  1. You SHOULD want people coming to your website--it's a great way to drum up business
  2. People ARE coming to your site.  Like it or not.  


It's just a fact--in this new "internet era," a website is no longer a bonus--it's an expectation.  For me, it's a prerequisite.  If your website looks like a 15-year old made it in a previous millennium, chances are, I'm going to hit the "Back" button on my browser, and find a different company that makes me feel a little more confident in their level of excellence.  

So what do you do?  You're convinced you need an upgraded, modern, clean, professional web site.  But you're scared.  Because it doesn't stop there.  We just opened pandora's box.  Now you need updated pictures, you need to showcase your most recent projects, you need to get new pictures of your staff, heck, you really need a promo video and a couple client testimonials to throw on Facebook and YouTube--how are you going to find the time to get the right people to put this thing together!?!?!

Overwhelmed yet?  It's no wonder you put it off so long!

This is where I can help you.   

This is where CFI Insulation was when we started talking.  They wanted an updated look, they wanted videos, photos--the works--but they just didn't have the spare time to go around searching for the right person for every aspect of the project.  

So they called me.  And I took care of it all--no hassle, no fuss, no trying to coordinate 10 different people to pull the site off.  And in the end they got the whole package--professionally designed website with unique desktop and mobile layouts, search engine optimization, high-res photos of their staff and past projects, four HD videos that they can share on Facebook, YouTube, or even on a smart phone with a potential client.  And the list goes on.


Go ahead and check it out, I'm super proud of it:    And I'll wrap this up because the site really speaks for itself.

This is what I love to do--if you'd like to begin a discussion about how I could help your business, please let me know with the form provided!  

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