Heritage Homes and Designs: A Visual Transformation




Heritage Homes and Designs is an incredible Knoxville-based design/build company, and I couldn't be more happy to help them update and modernize their web presence!  

Lori, the owner of Heritage Homes and Designs, came to me looking for a total website revamp.  Her previous website (a Wordpress site) was a total wreck.  The layout was a bit dated and, well, "Wordpress-y" (ie. cheesy), the portfolio was confusing and difficult to navigate, and to top it off, about a week after we first met, the entire front page literally just disappeared for reasons still unknown to mankind.  I know--weird.

So, anyway, this was a shame because their actual work is PHENOMENAL.  (Take a look at the portfolio--you'll believe me.)  They needed a website that truly matched the level of professionalism and beauty inherent to all their work.  And I think that's what we've accomplished with this new site.  Take a look at a couple of these before/after screenshots of the website:

Kitchen Portfolio Before:

Kitchen Portfolio After:

"Our Work" Page Before:

"Our Work" Page After:

Their work is so impressive--but it was nearly hidden from view on their old site.  It almost seemed like they didn't want you to see what projects they had ACTUALLY built.  But that's all been fixed, and now you can't even visit the site without muttering a clearly audible "wow" a couple times.  Go ahead, try it for yourself:  heritagehomesanddesigns.com