LMJ Services - First Website Launch

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Click to view full website.


First off, let me say that I am SO pumped to be launching my first official client website as Stuart Jones Media.  It is an INCREDIBLE honor to be trusted with building the online reputation of others, and I could not be more excited that this is my first one!  

LMJ Services is a woman-owned transportation management business...which in layman's terms means they move really big freight on 18-wheelers.  Lyn Jones, the founder and owner, started the business about 5 years ago, and due to some recent acceleration in growth, she felt like now was the time to build her online presence.  She reached out to me and we began dreaming and scheming!

One of the perks of my job is that I get to learn about all sorts of different businesses and industries that I've never even thought about before.  This is one of those times.  Some people probably would rather just stay clueless about all this stuff, but my innate curiosity about EVERYTHING makes in an absolute blast to learn how stuff works.  Who knew there was so much to know about freight transport!? 

The "Load Board" was probably my most mind-blowing discovery.  Drivers, looking for freight to haul all over the country, will monitor different "Load Boards" to see who needs what delivered where and when.  PHEW!  Read that a couple times to make sure you got it...ok.  Now.  Historically, these load boards are posted in truck stops all over the place, so it could be really difficult and time-consuming to find a job in an efficient way.  To solve this problem, Lyn had the idea to create an online Load Board that she could update in real time to give drivers easy access to find her loads.  And that's where I came in.

A problem with most template-based web-design platforms is that something like this would be very difficult to pull off, if not impossible.  Not with Squarespace.  Using Squarespace's simple embed code, I was able to link a cloud-based Google Spreadsheet that updates in real time to LMJ's website.  That's technical jargon for, when Lyn updates a simple spreadsheet in Gmail, Squarespace will automatically grab the latest version of the spreadsheet and post it on her site.  And to make it even easier for Lyn to update the board, I also created a simple form that she can access in a password-protected area of her site.  She fills out the form, presses submit, and BOOM, a new load is posted.  Oh yeah, and to top it off, I made a mobile version too, so drivers can easily check in from the road.  Try that with Wordpress!

When it comes down to it, what I do is less about throwing together a few random pictures to give you a website that looks like everyone else's--but more about getting to know you, your vision, and your specific needs, and then finding a way to present it powerfully, simply, and beautifully to the world.  

Go ahead and check out LMJ Service's website here:  www.lmjfreightservices.com