Mountain Top Log Home Care and Restoration Launch

We rolled out a brand new website, logo, and video package for Mountain Top Log Home Care & Restoration last week.  I am SO proud of how this website turned out.  It looks incredible!

Mountain Top Log Home Care & Restoration is a local business that, as you may have guessed, cares for and restores log cabins and homes.  Here in the Smoky's of East Tennessee, you can imagine, this is a much needed service.  Owner Peter Malkmus and his crew have been experiencing some pretty steady growth over the past few years, and a while back decided it was time to build a website to really showcase their work (which by the way is SUPER impressive).  After years (literally) of frustration trying to work with other web designers, Pete finally got connected to me.  We hashed out a plan and before you knew it, the website was born!  Here's what Pete had to say about the experience:


"You have represented and articulated what I do in such a way that I am almost speechless.  Can't believe it! ...I don't think it can be improved on. For years I have been floundering around with this project, frustrated, not knowing what to do and you did it....I can't thank you enough." - Peter Malkmus



When you take a look at this page, be sure to look over the "Testimonials" page.  You'll find two testimonial videos on that page that I created as part of this web package.  I think they're pretty great.  Go ahead and check it out:


Here's one of the testimonial videos: