High-Speed Cartooning: A Behind the Scenes Look


Now THIS was a fun project!  I've done my share of cartooning in my life, but this one definitely took it to the next level.  If you haven't watched it yet, check out the video above.    

I've always been a drawer, doodler, cartooner--whatever you call it...I love to draw!  But, never had I ever REALLY made a motion cartoon.  I've come close (some of you may remember my other attempts at cartooning, "Happily Ever After" and "A Very Pluto Christmas," both shown below), but this one REALLY takes the cake.  


"Happily Ever After"

"A Very Pluto Christmas" 

Well, I don't want to get into the nitty gritty deets of the whole cartooning process.  One, because it is a pretty lengthy and technical process and I doubt anyone would really care to read it all.  Two, because it's actually already been documented pretty well by the guys at Church on the Move.  That's right, I didn't come up with this animation process.  Their media team created a nice little blog entry explaining the process very thoroughly.  If you are interested in figuring out how to do this for yourself, you can find their blog entry here

What I really wanted to show you is a couple behind the scenes shots of the process in action!  On the left, below, you'll see my attempts to come up with the characters in the cartoon.  I think the hardest part was deciding on "puppy" character.  There were a lot of good options I considered, but I like what I chose.  

After choosing all the characters and drawing the final images, I had to photograph them one by one to get them into the computer so I could work on them.  On the right, you'll see my set up to capture these images.  

Now for the fun part!  Once I got the images loaded into the computer, I created a batch script action in Photoshop to delete the white background of every photo, so I was just left with just the black outline that I had drawn.  After cropping, resizing, and rotating the images, I was ready to really build my story.  But before I really got to work, I thought to myself, "Hey, someone out there may be interested in seeing how this is done--IN HIGH SPEED!"  So I set my computer to take a screenshot once every second for the duration of the time I worked on the project.  If that someone is YOU, check out the video below to see a high-speed time lapse of the editing and animating process in action!  It's a two minute video, but covers many many hours of work!  


And that's all I've got for today!  Hope you enjoyed it!