Revenue Cycle Solutions Group Website Launch




One thing I love about my job is that I get to learn a little bit about A LOT of different businesses and services that I never knew existed!  Take this company for example:  Revenue Cycle Solutions Group.  They offer an INCREDIBLY smart and useful service that had never crossed my mind.  Let me explain.

Imagine, for whatever reason, you're faced with some unexpected out-of-pocket medical expenses that are pretty intimidating.  Now imagine the hospital or medical provider gives you 120 days to pay off the bill before they send you to collections.  You do the math, and determine that even if you devote 100% of your next four months' income towards the bill, you still have no chance of paying it off in time.  Your credit is doomed, the hospital's cash flow is interrupted, and now there's all sorts of tension and frustration between you and your medical provider.  Pretty rough.

Well that's where RCSG steps in.  They can come in and pay the hospital for you, and then stretch your bill to a manageable monthly payment over a couple years.  The hospital gets paid on time, you protect your credit, and everyone is happy!  

This is a solid company, and it's been a blast working with them.  So far we've only launched a one-page "splash site," but I'll be developing the rest of the site over the next few months.  Keep checking back for updates!