Introducing the "Album Trailer?!" - Michael Ketterer and The Wild Inside

So I think we created an entirely new genre with this video release.  It wasn't exactly an album promo; it wasn't a studio documentary; and it definitely wasn't a music video….so what in the world was it?

Introducing the "Album Trailer"-


Let me just brag on Michael Ketterer for a minute.  He's obviously an incredibly talented singer and songwriter.  But that's not all.  He's an incredible artist (he did all his own album artwork), a conquerer of entirely too many super-intense big-name work-out programs (crossfit, insanity, TRX, just to name a few), a sage-like spiritual leader, and a fearless husband and father of 6 children (5 of whom he and his wife have adopted/fostered in the span of about 3 years).  This all may border on complete and utter insanity--but I believe that "insanity" is often just misunderstood passion.

Click here to visit Michael Ketterer's website!

Click here to visit Michael Ketterer's website!

Whatever the case--when Michael needed a promo for his upcoming album release, we knew that we had to bring out the big guns to create something worthy of such a wild man.  We knew we needed to do something totally out of the box--something that had never been done before.  And so began the genesis of the "Album Trailer."

You'll notice when you watch this video, it's more than just a promotional spot informing you about the details of an upcoming album release.  In fact, except for a couple quick lines of text at the end, there's no mention of "an album" at all!  What you experience instead, is an invitation into a story

It's the story of a boy, lost in the woods, hopelessly alone, until an enigmatic character leads him safely to the forest's end and into his father's arms.  It's a metaphor, but it's also a reality.  It's symbolic, but it's also deeply, insightfully real.  It's a universal spiritual truth, but it's also a very specific summary of painfully real events.  Rather than just introducing you to an album full of songs, this video invites you into the life that Michael and his family live.  Into their story.  

The music, the art--especially this video--it's job is to invite you into the life of a family that has abandoned the beaten path to seek and find "the least of these."  A family that has embraced tremendous sacrifice and humility to become a blessing to others.  A family that is truly following the voice of "The Wild Inside."  We're not just singing nice songs and painting pretty pictures--we're inviting the world into a Story so much bigger and so much wilder than anything we've ever imagined.

Buy "The Wild Inside" on iTunes!!!

Buy "The Wild Inside" on iTunes!!!

And that, my friends, is an Album Trailer!

Michael's album, "The Wild Inside" is for sale on iTunes now…you should get it!  Buy the album in iTunes