So This is What it Feels Like to Fly: Aerial Video Sample

Did you ever wish that you could fly?  

I think everyone has, at one point or another, REALLY wanted to experience the soul-lifting sensation of soaring high above the ground, gazing out over the golden horizon, completely unencumbered by the burdens of this perpetually earth-bound existence! Haven't we all!?!?!

Anyone else LOVE this scene from How to Train Your Dragon? 


Well, sadly, at this point in time and technology, flying around the neighborhood is not quite possible.  But here's the next best thing:

Aerial video.

Let's get real for a second.  Aerial video is incredible.  When I tell people about my recent purchase of a "quadcopter," (or "drone" as some prefer to call it), some don't quite get it.  "What do you use that thing for?"  Some people need a little help to catch the vision.  


Well if you're one of those people, check out this little sample video I created to show what it can do.  

In the realty world, aerial video is really starting to catch on.  The construction and architecture world is not far behind.  For retreat centers, outdoor venues, parks, really anything that you can see from the air--this goes for you too.  Aerial video distinguishes you from the crowd. 

If you EVER wished you could spread your wings and take a look at your house, your work, your land from above--now's your chance.  

Interested in finding out more about how I can help with your aerial video needs?