Aerial Realty Videos: The Next Big Thing

I wanted to end my week of blogging with a bang, so here it is, the future of real estate marketing all over the world:  Aerial Realty Home Tours.

Realty is historically an extremely competitive industry, and smart realtors are constantly looking to get ahead of the curve on the next big thing.  They're constantly looking for a way to stand out from the crowd--to build, as I call it, their "digital curb appeal."  

A few years ago, it was HD photos.  Until just a couple years ago, most photos you could find on a realty listing website were horrible.  However, with the advent of low cost DSLR cameras, high quality photos quickly became an absolute must for each new listing a realtor posts.  

So what's the next big thing coming to the realty market?  I believe it's aerial home tours.  In just the past couple of years, aerial drones have become more accessible than ever before.  In fact, the time is coming where I believe super-smart drones will become relatively common-place.  While today they are still seen as a high-end specialty, drones will continue to get smarter, smaller, cheaper, and far more useful in the very near future.  The technology is exploding right now, and I really believe we can hardly imagine what's just around the corner. 

One place we are going to feel the impact of that is in the real estate industry.  As more amateur and professional videographers begin to offer aerial video services, and more realtors begin to utilize those services, aerial video will quickly become nearly as standard as HD photos when listing a home.  Before long, drones will be smart enough to complete the entire video creation process themselves, requiring no human skill from either a videographer or a realtor to create phenomenal home tours.  

So, for all you realtors out there, looking for the next big thing, THIS IS IT!  Take a look at a few of the other videos we've created for realtors recently, and contact us when you're ready to make one of your own!  

Jacob + Elise's Wedding: Capturing the Most Important Day of their Lives

Day two of my week-long blogging spree, and I'm happy to present Jacob and Elise Thress's Wedding Highlight video:

Wedding highlight videos have made an enormous and dramatic entrance onto the scene over the past couple of years.  Even two years ago, when I married my wife Abby, wedding highlight videos were something of a delicacy.  But today, they are quickly becoming an essential part of the wedding repertoire, right up there with professional photography and the 80's cover band for the reception.  I absolutely love having the opportunity to capture this day for couples. 

Jacob and Elise's day was super fun, filled with all the usual joys of a happy wedding day--beautiful setting, lots of smiles, and tiny flying helicopters capturing a one-of-a-kind view of the day from the air.  All in a day's work here at Stuart Jones Media!  

Hope you enjoy their day as much as I did!

Got a wedding coming up?  Get in touch!

KEC MediaWorks Intro: Make Your Message Sizzle!

Well, here at Stuart Jones Media, we've been busy!  So busy, in fact, that I haven't been able to update the project blog with the plethora of new projects that have been consuming all of my time!  It's a good problem, but a problem nonetheless. goal for this week is to catch up!  I am going to publish one new blog post every day this week, each one featuring some of my work over the past couple months.  

So to get us started, check out this new video I just produced for the Knoxville Entrepreneur Center's Mediaworks Demo Day--it's sure to get you pumped for a week full of blogging!

(Special thanks to Nick Hollensbe for adding the incredible 3D Motion Graphics and Compositing to this video.)

I was fortunate enough this summer to be invited to attend Knoxville Tennessee's first digital media start-up incubator program, called MediaWorks.  MediaWorks is a 3 month intensive at the Knoxville Entrepreneur Center (KEC) where entrepreneurs with start-up ideas--specifically in the field of digital media--receive training from seasoned professionals, mentorship from industry leaders, and exposure potential investors.  It was an incredible opportunity.

The grand finale of this 3 month sprint is called "Demo Day."  It's the evening where all the entrepreneurs present their ideas, on-stage, to a room full of investors and other super savvy entrepreneurial-minded individuals from all over East Tennessee.  Yep, no pressure.  

Preparing to present that night was intense enough, but to make things even more exciting, I was commissioned to produce this video to kick the night off with a bang.  Ultimately, the goal was two-fold:  to powerfully show off some facts and figures related to Knoxville's little-known worldwide digital media presence, and to get everybody in the room completely pumped up for the night.  If you were there that night, you know--it accomplished both!  

Take a look at the video and see for yourself--this is how you make your message sizzle!

Let me know what you think in the comments below!

Small Business Video Promos - 3 Different Approaches

Over the past little bit, I've had the incredible honor to work with a few Knoxville-based small businesses to help jump start their digital media presence.  I love taking the complex stories and the passions of local business owners and translating them into simple, powerful, messages in video form.  It's what I do.

Since I haven't had the chance to share those videos on my blog yet, I want to take this opportunity (as in...RIGHT NOW!) to share three different approaches to video production for small businesses.   

1.) The Personalized Business Introduction - 

Traditionally, standard company promo videos are very straightforward and very unemotional.  As in, "Hello.  This is who we are.  This is what we do.  Thank you for your time."  While this is good and all, in today's uber-social world, the traditional "cookie-cutter" intro video is a bit…well…boring.  And that's why we at Stuart Jones Media have coined the "Personalized" Business Intro!  I love to take the traditional, direct intro and add a little of your flavor and passion to it.  We like to highlight the "why" behind the "what"--to highlight your passion for what you do.  Your audience is definitely interested in your credibility, but we like to throw in a little personality too--a sure way to stand out from the crowd.

Here's a sample Personalized Business Intro that I created for local designer/contractor, Heritage Homes and Designs.  (I also built their website!! :) 

2.) The Real-Life Story - 

We've all seen a million "testimonial" videos in our lifetime, and we've hardly ever been impressed--so what does it take to make a testimony stand out from the crowd?  The general tendency with testimonials is to shout a bunch of facts and figures at your audience.  To rattle off as much information as possible to try to logically convince the viewer to bite.  But often they are so concerned with information that they forget to identify with the audience.  

You've got to get personal.  You sell your audience more than just a product or service, don't you?  Of course, you sell them peace of mind.  Confidence that you will help them solve a stressful problem, obtain their dreams, or overcome their fears.  So when I tell a client's story, I focus on drawing attention to the emotion of the experience:  "How did it feel to move to a new city where you didn't know anyone?  What fears did you face trying to find a new, safe home in a place you knew nothing about?"  Highlight those questions and you suddenly struck a chord with every person who has ever moved to a new city and bought a home.  Then all you have to do is tell them how your business will walk them through that process and give them peace of mind, and you've won.  This is how you tell a story.

Here's a video illustrating this point, created recently for the Kings of Real Estate:  

3.) The Shared Values Approach

There was a time when marketing ultimately amounted to yelling as loud and as often as possible at your audience.  Billboards!  Magazine Ads!  THE YELLOW PAGES!!  But any marketing professional will tell you, for most smaller brands, those "name recognition" days are on the way out.  Today's media landscape is so overly saturated that you need something more than just a bright blinking neon sign to get people in the door.  You need something of more substance--you need a value system.  And more specifically, a shared value system.  In a nut-shell, you need to prove to people that you truly are in the business to serve.  Your audience wants to know that at the end of the day, you aren't in it just for the money (although money is great and all) but that you are actually committed to your clients' well-being.  Once you win their trust, you win their business.  

A local business that is truly committed to their clients' well-being is Visual Communication Interpreting.  Here's a video I made to show off the level of trust and confidentiality with which they treat their clients.  

So what is the moral of the story??  Now it's time for a serious moment of introspection…it means we really--actually--need to be in our business to serve others.  That's right, it's about more than just figuring out how to get your audience to think you have values--it's about ACTUALLY having values.  Let's be diligent to be people of value in the marketplace and be careful never to grow so short-sighted that our only goal is to gain monetary success! 

Thanks for reading!