Occidental Missionaries - A Home for Missionaries Around the World




It's rare that you get to work on a project as exciting as Occidental Missionaries.  

First off, it's going to be an AWESOME resource for "mission-minded" Christians living in the West (known as the "Occident"…as opposed to the "Orient"…neat huh?).  Occidental Missionaries is going to be a place for mission-minded Christians living in the West to share stories and encourage one another.  LOVE IT.  

But secondly, I got to work with an incredible friend, Iain Cook to build this site.  Iain, as you can tell from the photo, is no joke.  I mean just look at him!  Hailing from South Africa, Iain went to school in Canada, then moved to the States, and on any given day, may spontaneously contact me from India, Nepal, Hawaii, or the room next door.  He's spent a good deal of time abroad with a variety of missions groups, and is always bubbling with new crazy stories to tell.  He's a hard man to keep track of--and that makes his perspective on missionary living very unique and insightful.  Plus he's just awesome in general.

But lastly, I got to help develop the brand identity for this site, which is always fun.  I created a really simple, recognizable logo for Occidental:


I was very happy with this logo for two reasons--one, because several elements of the logo highlight the contrast between East and West--Orient and Occident--such as the divided dot on the "i".  This website is meant to speak towards the tension of desiring to be "mission-minded" yet living a relatively "non-missionary" life here in the West.  I think the logo does a good job of subtly conveying this tension.

Secondly, the logo can be simplified to its most basic form and transformed into a very clean, modern, recognizable "icon" image.  This simplified version of the logo could easily become the "mark" of Occidental Missionaries (like the golden arches are to McDonald's, or the concentric circles are to Target).  I could see this mark on T-shirts, coffee mugs, even golf balls!  And don't you know, if it can go on a golf ball, it's a good logo.  

So take a look at the site, Occidental Missionaries, and check back often, as Iain is continuing to add content frequently.  

And lastly, a huge shout out to Brit Fray Photography for letting us use some of her phenomenal photos in the design of this site.  They rule, she rules, end of story.

Revenue Cycle Solutions Group Website Launch




One thing I love about my job is that I get to learn a little bit about A LOT of different businesses and services that I never knew existed!  Take this company for example:  Revenue Cycle Solutions Group.  They offer an INCREDIBLY smart and useful service that had never crossed my mind.  Let me explain.

Imagine, for whatever reason, you're faced with some unexpected out-of-pocket medical expenses that are pretty intimidating.  Now imagine the hospital or medical provider gives you 120 days to pay off the bill before they send you to collections.  You do the math, and determine that even if you devote 100% of your next four months' income towards the bill, you still have no chance of paying it off in time.  Your credit is doomed, the hospital's cash flow is interrupted, and now there's all sorts of tension and frustration between you and your medical provider.  Pretty rough.

Well that's where RCSG steps in.  They can come in and pay the hospital for you, and then stretch your bill to a manageable monthly payment over a couple years.  The hospital gets paid on time, you protect your credit, and everyone is happy!  

This is a solid company, and it's been a blast working with them.  So far we've only launched a one-page "splash site," but I'll be developing the rest of the site over the next few months.  Keep checking back for updates!  www.revsolgroup.com

An Atlas To Follow - Everything A Band Needs In A Website




First off, if you haven't heard of these guys, CHECK THEM OUT!  I was blown away when I first heard their stuff, and I think you will be too.  Thomas Smith and the band are absolutely rising stars in the indie-folk world--you'll definitely be seeing them more soon.

And thankfully, if you haven't heard them yet, you're only a click away!  All you have to do is visit their brand-new-nifty-difty website and click on "Music."  It's got a music player built right in to the site!  No more trying to link to some 3rd party media player and make it work on your website--Squarspace 6, the design platform I use to build websites--comes with a built-in media player for all your music playing needs.  It's just better.

But that's not the only cool "band" thing this website features.  It's also got a user-friendly tour date updater.  What that means is this:  even if you're not a super geeky computer tech-y kind of person, you, YES EVEN YOU, can be trained to update your own tour dates.  I'm talking in a matter of minutes.  When I sat down with Thomas and his wife (and back-up singer) Amanda to train them in the tour-date-updating process, I didn't even say a word, I just watched as Thomas figured it out on his own in no time flat.  (And he claims he's not techy!)

And last but not least, the good ol' fashioned blog.  What is a website if you can't have an awesome, sleek, easy-to-update blog to tell your fans about what's going on and bring traffic to your website?  You gotta have the blog.

All this, in addition to the typical standards--full mobile/tablet compatibility, remote web apps, social network integration, the works!  Go ahead and check out this beauty:  www.anatlastofollow.com