Take a look around.  You'll like what you see.

          During my past couple years working full-time as a video producer, I've spear-headed a vast array of unique video projects.  And I do emphasize the word, "vast."   Some have been fun and exciting, some have been...well, interesting I guess...but regardless, all of them have added a surplus of diverse skills to my arsenal.  And arguably the most valuable of these is a hefty dose of adaptability.  Explore this selection of my recent work and discover just how broad my experience and flexibility can reach. For an even broader selection of my work, check out my Vimeo page here.

Stuart Jones Media 2012 Demo Reel

Take a quick look at some of the projects I worked on during the first couple years in the video world!  Features some video, motion graphics, 3D animation, cartoons, and even a lite-brite!  These are some old projects, but I still love them all!

Total Log Cabin Restoration Overview

In East Tennessee, log cabins are a common sight.  Local business, "Mountain Top Log Home Care and Restoration" leads the way when it comes to log cabin restoration.  I created this video for Pete Malkmus and his team and Mountain Top, to showcase their work in a concise, professional way.

Matt + April Wedding Highlight Video

They actually got married a decade ago, but at the time, they didn't capture it on video the way they would've liked.  So what better way to ring in the 10-year anniversary than by recreating the entire wedding day and this time, doing the video RIGHT!?  

 Restoration House Brand Video

The Restoration House is a ministry based in Knoxville Tennessee that provides housing and support to single mothers and their children.  I was ecstatic to partner with Restoration House and help tell a little bit of their story in this short but informative video.  I love to craft videos that take your complex, multi-faceted visions, and present them in a simple, easy to grasp, relatable way.  This is a perfect example.

Festool 2013 Video Contest Winner

I put this little gem together for a friend as his entry to a nation-wide video contest by top-of-the-line power tool manufacturer, FESTOOL.  Well, sure enough, we ended up winning  the entire contest!  By combining a professionally produced product promo with a humorous, light-hearted vibe, we came out with a result that everyone loved!  So much, in fact, that they asked us for more!  You may be seeing more of these very soon...


Fuse Church Pre-Service Countdown

This video plays every week at Fuse Church as a 5 minute countdown to the beginning of our weekend services.  It features a variety of unique video techniques...a sort of "grab bag" of my different skills.  From 3D animation to motion graphics, from time-lapse photography to super-duper slow-mo, and everything anywhere in between--this video has it all!  Check it out, it's sure to inspire vision and creativity for your next video project.

Scott Hughes Political Candidate TV Spot

I created this piece for a local candidate running for State Senate in good ol' Tennessee.  It was definitely a first for me to figure out all the hoops necessary to jump through in order to get this guy on cable TV...but when it was all said and done, it was worth it!  Nothing is quite like seeing your own work on network television, and knowing that your voice has found its way into hundreds or thousands of homes.  


Fuse Church New Building Recap

This video documents the transformation of an old work-out facility from a state of complete disrepair, into a clean, inviting, modern church environment.  With a project like this, I was able to archive both the exciting transition for the church body as well as reveal the dramatic and impressive job by the construction company.  Both were happy to have a copy of this video!


Operation Fuse Week of Community Service Recap

Fuse Church organizes an annual week of community service called "Operation Fuse."  In this recap video I capture an emotional and inspiring snapshot of the highlights of that week in 2012.  I infused a combination of on-the-spot interviews, vision-rich voiceovers, and candid snapshots of the service in action to weave together a moving and inspiring synopsis of that week.  For special events like this that are once-in-a-lifetime, a solid recap video like this one is truly priceless. 


"Words With Friends" 3D Animation Promo

Another promotional piece I created for Fuse Church.  This video introduced and promoted an upcoming sermon series about healthy relationships at the church.  While I put much thought into the perfect phrases to convey the appropriate message, it really was the playful vibe of the animation that made this video a huge success.  In today's marketing landscape, modern, sharp 3D animation is a must.  


I Believe In Pluto Start-up Business Promo

I've done my fair share of crazy things so far in my life-time, and one of them was starting a business with a friend of mine to raise support for the lost cause of Pluto's planet hood!  What was our marketable product or service you may ask?  Simple black T-shirts that said "i believe in pluto."  True story.  After some initial momentum and excitement following our launch, sales slowed a bit, and once we recouped our start-up costs, we opted not to press our luck for a second round of shirt--but to pursue other endeavors (like Stuart Jones Media, for example!)  But, the famous "i believe in pluto" Christmas promo video lives on, and to this day, I consider it perhaps my most original, creative, and...honestly strange pieces I've made to date.  Watch it for yourself...and if you decide you need an "i believe in pluto." T-shirt, have no fear, I may be able to track one down for ya...