Sweet Aroma Coffee Website: Easily Accept Monthly Payments



This one is WAY overdue!  

I had the privilege of working with a group of world-changing-mastermind-visionary super heroes to put this site together.  Johnny and Christin Eastman, founders of Sweet Aroma, along with their close friend and partner Stephanie Bittick, have a vision to fight sex trafficking at home and overseas with their non-profit, Sweet Aroma Coffee. 

Here's how it works:  for a small monthly membership fee, Sweet Aroma supplies subscribers with a monthly supply of various premium coffees.  Sweet Aroma then donates a substantial portion of the profits to ministries all over the world.  You get awesome coffee, we fight sex trafficking together, and everyone wins!

This is an idea I was excited to get behind, and we had a blast putting this site together!  Everyone with an entrepreneurial mind knows the magic and beauty of recurring monthly payments, so I was happy to set that up for Sweet Aroma to help them maximize their effectiveness and serve their clients smoothly.  

In addition to designing the site and helping to craft the way their message is communicated through words, I did all the photography and all of the graphic design for the site as well.  I could not be more proud of how it turned out!  

I love before/after shots, so in closing, here's a few:

Front Page Before.

"Who We Are" Page Before

Front Page After

"Who We Are" Page After

Take a look at the site yourself, and if you want to get behind what they're doing, subscribe!  www.sweetaromacoffee.org