Brand Video Production

The majority of what I do is create stellar brand videos--essentially, videos that promote your brand and tell your story.  Whether you're a small business promoting your products, a non-profit explaining your vision, or a church or ministry sharing your message, I love to boil it all down into a simple video that tells the story.  Take, for example, this short brand video I produced for a local non-profit organization here in Knoxville, Tennessee.  


Here's the deal.  People love hearing stories about other people.  Stories are just more interesting and more memorable when they focus on real, authentic people whose lives have changed for the better.  Are you more likely to visit a new restaurant because they have a good menu or because your neighbor won't stop raving about it?  Life change stories inspire action far more effectively than mere information or data.  This is why I believe a sincere passion for people is the most important component to creating a compelling brand video.  

See, you need more than just a left-brained data-head, or even a right-brained, ultra-creative videographer to share your message.  You need someone who really knows how to leverage the power of clear, compelling communication.  Someone who can anticipate your potential audience's needs and actually address them.  For example,

  • What are the points of confusion that keep your audience from understanding your message?
  • What are the hang-ups that keep them from committing to your brand?  
  • What are the compelling selling points of your pitch that just aren't translating?  

The answers to these questions are the building blocks of a compelling brand video, and these are the issues that I'm experienced to address.

If you contact me to take care of your brand video needs, you'll get more than an accomplished artist and videographer.  You'll also get an experienced communicator who intends to share in the passion for your vision and for your audience.  

Convinced?  Contact me here.

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