Customized Website Design

If you've dealt with building websites at all, you've learned that developing a website from the ground up with HTML or CSS or some other programming language is extremely difficult, time-consuming, and consequently, very expensive.  And worse, it inevitably puts you, the owner, in a very powerless position.  There's nothing worse than being completely at the mercy of your web developer when it comes to making changes or updates to your site.  How often do you wind up waiting weeks for your web guy to get around to a seemingly simple change only to get a huge bill in the mail?  

Well I've got good news--those days are on the way out.  I use a web-design technology called Squarespace 6 to design customizable websites for businesses, ministries, non-profits, even individuals.  Because I am able to bypass the old fashioned, line-by-line code method, I can build a website in a fraction of the time it would take to develop it from the ground up--and for a fraction of the cost.  And what's more--Squarespace 6's user interface is so simple and straightforward, when I'm finished building your site, I am able to train you, then hand the reins to you, completely empowering you to update and change whatever you want, whenever you want--and you'll never see another bill in the mail.  Of course, should you ever need me, I'll be here to offer technical support--but I guarantee that if you can operate a computer, you have what it takes to manage your own site. 

And don't assume you'll be getting a second rate website either--we're talking fully functional, utterly modern stuff here.  Let me hit the bullet points.

  • fully integrated web store capability (so you can monitor and track all your transactions without leaving your site's dashboard)
  • complete mobile and tablet compatibility (so your site still looks sharp on a smartphone--not just a miniature version of the real website)
  • remote blogging apps (so you can update your blog from your phone, from your email, anywhere there is a web connection)
  • search engine optimization (SEO) coding built-in to your site (so Google will love your site and put it at the top of the list)
  • plus, they just look really, really sharp.

If you're not using this technology, you're honestly making it hard on yourself.  Let me help you build your dream website, and get the power back in your hands.   

Convinced?  Contact me here.